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2009 Second Annual House Staff Research Day

Nicholas A. Georgiou Nicholas Georgiou, M.D.
Inferior Vena Cava Filters on Abdominal CT:
Identification, Positioning, and Complications

Jocelyn Luongo Jocelyn Luongo, M.D.
CNS Infections and Their Imaging Mimics

Katherine Walczy
Kathryn Walczyk, M.D.
CT Angiography of Nontraumatic Aortic Emergencies

Penny Saxon Penny Saxon, M.D.
Ovarian Torsion: CT Diagnosis

Michelle Klein Michelle Klein
Michelle Klein, M.D.
Unanticipated Vertebral Compression Fractures of the Spine Masquerading as Other Symptomatic Presentations During Emergent CT of the Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis

R Bordia R Bordia and Orlando Ortiz
R Bordia, M.D.
Sacroiliac joint pain following vertebral augmentation for osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures

Wattamwar A Wattamwar A
Anoop Wattamwar, M.D.
Imaging of Common and Uncommon Adult and Pediatric Sports-Related Injuries

Bryan Lazzara Bryan Lazzara, Orlando Ortiz Bryan Lazzara, Douglas Katz
Bryan Lazzara, Orlando Ortiz, Douglas Katz Bryan Lazzara
Bryan Lazzara, M.D.
Imaging Guidance with CT-Cisternography for Cyberknife Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia


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