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The department of radiology places a strong emphasis on academic research and advancing the field of radiology. The research efforts in the department are vast, however there are several research areas which are emphasized within the department.

Dr. Orlando Ortiz has a strong interest in vertebral augmentation and endovascular neurointerventional radiology. As a pioneer in vertebral augmentation and interventional spinal procedures, Dr. Ortiz has published numerous articles, coauthored books, and lectured to both national and international audiences.

Dr. Douglas Katz has become a leading expert as an editor for numerous peer-reviewed medical journals and currently serves as the Consultant to the Editor/Conflict of Interest Deputy Editor at Radiology. He has a prolific research track record with over 570 publications and abstracts. His research focus is in abdominal imaging and emergency radiology, though Dr. Katz has been a co-author on research covering nearly every subspecialty in radiology.

Other recent research highlights include quality improvement projects, cardiovascular imaging projects, an RSNA physics module in ultrasound, and a wide variety of musculoskeletal imaging research, including musculoskeletal ultrasound.

Please see our comprehensive list of all the publications, abstracts, lectures and presentations, and book chapters from the department over the past few years.



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