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Class of 2016

The radiology residency at Winthrop is an excellent, well rounded program, and unquestionably prepares its residents for a career in radiology. The hospital is a busy, Level 1 trauma center which provides an exceptional case volume and mix while still allowing close one on one guidance. The faculty is extremely supportive in teaching and mentoring residents. There are generous research opportunities and the department is extremely supportive towards residents who are interested in pursuing academic endeavors. The intimate size of the program creates an opportunity for residents to get hands on experience with imaging and procedures that would be normally performed by fellows at other institutions. I recommend the radiology residency program at Winthrop without reservation.
Amanjit Baadh, MD


The training found at Winthrop and the life balance offered by Long Island is second to none. The hospital’s location was ideal for my family as we sought proximity to both vibrant urban activity as well as rural and natural beauty. The collegial atmosphere created by staff and residents alike was palpable and turned the usual daily grind into something deeply enjoyable. Staff dedication to resident success was equally apparent and from the reading room, to academic pursuits, to desirable fellowship placement, I was supported at every step. At the reading station, the volume of studies pushed me to become efficient while the case variety and teaching honed my accuracy. And appropriate autonomy was emphasized throughout, allowing for increasingly independent function that has helped ease the transition to fellowship and beyond. I feel truly fortunate to have called Winthrop home.
Ross Eppelheimer, MD

Winthrop is a great place because from day one it feels like you just joined a family and not just started a new job/training program. The relatively small size of the program and absence of fellows allows for more personal and in-department interactions with attendings and fellow residents. The attendings are invested in your learning which makes preparation for the boards and transitioning to fellowship a smooth process. Aside from great training, the hospital provides probably the best benefits in the country including amazing cheap housing, free food, conference money and time off and an academic fund. Winthrop is truly a special place one can only fully appreciate after leaving. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone pursuing a future career in radiology.
Aleksandr Morim, MD, MBA

Class of 2015

I had a wonderful experience during radiology residency training at Winthrop, and I consider myself lucky to have worked with such a talented, diverse, and skilled group of radiologists. I feel very fortunate to have developed close relationships with my co-residents and many of our attendings. I know that these relationships will remain strong in the future. My residency training has provided me with superior training, which has allowed me to transition very smoothly into my fellowship. In addition, I am confident that the training I received at Winthrop will allow me to be successful in a range of jobs, from a tertiary-care academic institution to a busy, high volume private practice.
Esther Coronel, MD

Winthrop is a fantastic place to train for radiology. The program offers an extremely knowledgeable, friendly and experienced faculty who, over four years, provide the residents with an extremely balanced and well-rounded education in a very pleasant and relaxed environment. The program director, Dr. Mazzie, is extremely approachable and is what athletes would refer to as a "player's coach" in the sense that he is always pro-resident and does his best to aid the residents and improve the program. The chairman, Dr. Ortiz, is internationally renowned as a clinical instructor and lecturer, in addition to being one of the leaders in the world of interventional spine. Similarly, Dr. Katz, is renowned in the academic world, having authored or co-authored innumerable papers, book chapters, etc while serving as editor/deputy editor of multiple academic radiology journals. Last, but not least, there is no one better than Denise, the program coordinator, who is extremely organized, responsive and, within a matter of days, becomes a great and reliable friend/confidant you can turn to for virtually anything. The salary is very generous, the benefits are unparalleled, and the location (30 minutes from NYC) make Winthrop an ideal place to train. If you are fortunate enough to train here, you won't be sorry!!
Nikhil Jain, MD, MBA

I believe that a residency should be evaluated with a focus on the quality of medical training and an eye towards the future. In this respect Winthrop provides an excellent clinical experience, broad didactic education, and a myriad of research opportunities in a pleasant setting and under essentially unmatched financial terms (subsidized housing, utility payments, daily food allowance, and a very high salary). Most importantly, residents enjoy the support of the department heads as well as the multiple excellent attendings, who constantly push us to excel. The testament to Winthrop's success is the fact that our graduates, including my class, continue to obtain fellowships at the most prestigious institutions throughout the country. Undoubtedly, coming to Winthrop was an excellent decision.
Roi Bittane, MD

Class of 2014

Anyone looking for a program that has great teaching, remarkable faculty and staff, strong research support, and easy-going residents should give serious consideration to the radiology residency at Winthrop. I say this with confidence after having the privilege to be trained there. Winthrop is also a short train ride from Manhattan and has considerable benefits for its house staff. Our program director, Dr. Mazzie and program coordinator, Denise have continuously shown us exceptional support. Our chairman, Dr. Ortiz, as well as our vice chairmen, Drs. Katz and Hon, have played active roles in getting us to where we are today. I will always look back my time at Winthrop and know that I made the right choice.
Raymond Lee, MD

The training I received at Winthrop-University Hospital was incredibly valuable in preparing me for my current position as a fellow at UCSF. The program at Winthrop teaches you how to manage a high volume radiology service, especially during overnight call shifts. The faculty is knowledgeable, approachable, and very supportive with your best interest in mind. One of the things I liked best about training at Winthrop was the small size of the program. This allowed me to form a relationship with the faculty and staff in the department, and I still keep in touch with many of them.
Rebecca Wu, MD

Class of 2013

"Winthrop was a great place to train and live. The benefits provided allowed me to concentrate on radiology without worrying about the hassles of everyday life. I received a great education and have since moved on to a top-class fellowship, as have my co-residents. I could not have found a better place to train."
Dan Garnet, MD

"How do I begin to summarize four of the greatest years of my life in this short space? The fact that so many of the past residents stay on as faculty speaks volume as to how we all feel about the program. During my four years, I presented research at multiple conferences every year and had full support to become involved in multiple leadership positions in the ACR, RSNA and ARRS. The most senior faculty in the department, including the Chair, Dr. Ortiz, the vice-chairs, Drs, Katz and Hon, and our program director Dr. Mazzie all always have an open door and could not be more accessible. This actually took me a while to get used as it was so different from where I had been previously in my training. To top it all off, we were lucky to have the nicest, most responsive program coordinator, always looking out for the residents. The Winthrop Radiology residency is a hidden gem, as anyone who has trained here will tell you. Over my four years, the department has invested in brand new PACS, RIS, ultrasound machines, CT scanners, 3T MRI, mammography units, Fluoro units and a C-arm, making WUH one of the best departments for training in the region."
Jonathan Flug, MD, MBA

"At Winthrop, you really feel like family here. The attendings are very nice and helpful, the education is great, and all the residents move on to great fellowships in their desired fields afterwards. Living close to New York City is also a huge plus, and the benefits at this program are really good."
Teerath Tanpitukpongse, MD


"Learning radiology at the WUH was fun, not only because of the quality and volume of cases, but also because of the friendly, non-competitive, encouraging environment. The faculty went over and beyond expectations to get residents involved in research and in the process of fellowship selection/interviews. Many positive changes were made during my residency to improve the program based on the input from residents. Everybody, including administration, faculty, and co-residents, was always willing to help. I had a wonderful experience at the WUH."
Ritu Bordia, MBBS

"Our devoted faculty at Winthrop care about each of us as a person as much as our education. Our friendly chairman, vice-chairs and program director always go extra miles in support of each resident. Our wonderful program coordinator is always there to help us and make sure everything is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. The high-quality and comprehensive curriculum, the extremely supportive and collegial atmosphere along with the very well-equipped department that continuously adopts new technologies create an environment for excellence in both education and patient care. Our achievements including acceptance to the best fellowship programs in the country, many publications, awards, strong presence in national meetings and ... are testimonies for our residency program."

Shahmir Kamalian, MD

Class of 2012

"One of the best things about the program was not having fellows, as this allows the residents to get more hands on experience with procedures and interpreting studies. Winthrop is a smaller program so you get to know your colleagues better. There are great benefits, lots of conferences and the close proximity to New York City is excellent."
George Ganson, MD

"The best thing about the program is how much the program coordinator goes out of her way to help each of the residents during their 4 years, from adjusting to a new residency program, to applying for fellowship to graduation!"
Rita Gidwaney, MD

"There is a high volume of diverse patients coming through the hospital at any given time, and the attending physicians here are top caliber. Best of all, there is a real sense of community at Winthrop-University Hospital. Attendings, residents, nurses, technologists, and administrators alike often go above and beyond their job descriptions to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care. They lead by example, which creates a very strong training environment for residents."
Michelle Klein, MD

"The WUH radiology residency's best assets include a sense of community, with the personalized attentiveness and warmth of the attendings towards residents as well as the opportunity to make lifelong relationships with colleagues. Another strength of the program includes the great enthusiasm that the department demonstrates in supporting residents participating in scholarly research projects recognized at national meetings, with mentors and any additional resources that may be necessary. The size of the program creates an opportunity for the resident to get hands on experience with procedures that otherwise would be shared with fellows and the chance to get to know all members of the department individually."
Trisha Youn, MD


Class of 2011

"During my four years at Winthrop, I have developed lasting friendships with a collegial group of co-residents, attendings, and housestaff colleagues. The friendships that develop between residents and attendings make for a uniquely personal learning experience. The educational experience at Winthrop is phenomenal! Residents get individualized teaching at the PACS station, see a broad spectrum of pathology, and become involved in various research projects. It is no surprise that Winthrop residents match into top fellowship programs. I am grateful and fortunate for having trained at Winthrop. My residency training has prepared me well for a career in academics or private practice."
Luke Scalcione, MD




Class of 2010

"The thing I enjoyed the most about my residency at Winthrop was the overall congenial atmosphere between the residents and attendings. It is a small and intimate residency program and you definitely feel the individual attention and guidance of the attendings, which are all excellent. Additionally, there are no fellows, therefore you really learn to be independent, and in some ways, act like a fellow. Overall a great training program."
Carla Ramas, MD


"Being a native Long Islander and knowing the reputation of Winthrop, I was lucky enough to do both my Internship in Medicine and Residency in Radiology. I enjoyed all five years at Winthrop, though I was sad to leave, I gained so much and felt extremely prepared for my boards and for the world outside of Winthrop. After doing my fellowship at NYU in Interventional Radiology, I was asked to come back as a attending to Winthrop and have happily joined the team at Winthrop."
Nicholas Georgiou, MD

"The residency program at Winthrop is very well-rounded and definitely prepares its residents for a career in radiology. While the department does have the faculty and case volume to support fellowship programs, it is a great benefit to the residents that they get the undivided attention of the faculty. The faculty is very generous with the amount of time given to educate and mentor the residents. Also, there are ample opportunities to get involved in research and the department is supportive of residents submitting research to national and international meetings. As chief resident, I found the administration to be very supportive of enabling proactive changes to improve the residency and curriculum. I highly recommend the radiology residency program at Winthrop."
Anoop Wattamwar, MD

Class of 2009

"My diagnostic radiology residency at Winthrop Hospital provided me with a fantastic learning environment, a tremendous mix of cases, and a dedicated and supportive group of attending physicians who prepared me well for a busy clinical practice!"
Jason Hoffmann, MD

"At Winthrop, I received great well-rounded general radiology training from a wonderful supportive faculty."

Steven Blumer, MD

Class of 2008

"I really enjoyed the one on one interaction with the radiology attendings. Winthrop gave me a strong foundation for my radiology training."
Bobbi Ring, MD

"As a busy hospital with a small radiology residency program, Winthrop provides one-on-one education with exceptional subspecialty trained radiologists and rapidly graded responsibility on call. This immersion in radiology is the perfect environment to gain practical experience to become a world class radiologist. The attending radiologists start as your mentor, but soon become your friend, and are an invaluable resource whether for board review or beyond residency to land a great fellowship or job."
David Winger, MD

"As a result of the many hours logged and cases read for a busy trauma center in the middle of one of the most densely populated suburban counties in the country, I have found that I am thoroughly prepared for life after residency. Winthrop provided me with both a steady diet of bread and butter cases across modalities and a broad array of advanced pathology in the emergency, inpatient, and outpatient settings. More importantly, while at Winthrop I had access to outstanding faculty in all disciplines who devoted a great deal of their time to helping residents with academic endeavors ranging from teaching at the PACS Station to presenting original research at national meetings. The relatively small size of the program provides a setting that is conducive to the formation of close professional and personal relationships with colleagues and mentors; I think this is the greatest attribute of the program, as it creates an incredibly supportive environment in which to learn and work."

John Fantauzzi, MD



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