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The neuroradiology section is responsible for the diagnostic evaluation and treatment of disorders of the brain, neck and spine. Four fellowship-trained neuroradiologists staff the neuroradiology section.

Diagnostic neuroradiologic procedures available include:

• CT of the head, neck, brain and spine including multislice helical scanning.
• MRI at 1.5 Tesla.
• MR angiography.
• Conventional catheter angiography with biplane angiographic equipment.
• Myelography.
• Percutaneous spinal biopsy.

Interventional procedures offered include:

• Interventional neuroangiographic procedures including treatment of aneurysms.
• Interventional spinal procedures for pain management including epidural steroid injection, nerve blocks, diskography and percutaneous vertebroplasty.

The neuroradiology section is active in consultation with all medical/surgical services. A case management conference with the Department of Neurology is held weekly. In addition to teaching the radiology residents, the section is actively involved in teaching medical students and residents from other specialties on elective.










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