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Musculoskeletal imaging encompasses plain films, arthrography, nuclear scintigraphy, ultrasound, CT scanning and MRI. We perform a large number of musculoskeletal procedures in the emergency department, at our outpatient facilities, and in the hospital radiology department. There is extensive interaction with the active orthopedics, emergency department and rheumatology services. We have weekly conferences with the emergency department and a monthly interdepartmental conference with the rheumatology department.


The residents have two musculoskeletal lectures per month in addition to conferences in emergency department radiology, pediatric radiology, neuroradiology, body imaging, and nuclear medicine, which often cover musculoskeletal cases. Formal lectures are reinforced with an extensive teaching file of cases. A wide variety of procedures are performed by the department including bone biopsies and vertebroplasties. Our residents receive a well-rounded experience in musculoskeletal radiology as demonstrated by their performance on the Radiology Board Examinations.






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