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Medical Physics

Medical Physics

The Medical Physics Department plays an important role in the professional activities and training of radiology residents. We provide a formal course in medical physics, participate in radiology research projects and publications, evaluate and help control radiation exposure to the patients and staff, participate in the dosing and monitoring of nuclear medicine's radiopharmaceuticals, and monitor and test both radiology equipment, and maintain the Radiology Department's electronic learning center.

The main goal of the medical physics course is to prepare our radiology residents for the physics section of the American Board of Radiology (ABR) examinations. The details of the examination and the syllabus can be found at The ABR states that “Emphasis is placed in the written examination on the basic science aspects as they relate to these various subspecialty areas. Thus, the examination questions deal fundamentally with the anatomical physiological and pathological aspects of these subspecialties. Questions on radiologic technique are included in each of the subspecialty areas”. However, the constantly growing field of diagnostic imaging presents a unique challenge for the teacher and student. To meet the radiology residents’ needs, the core materials to be taught have been extended over a two-year period. The topics cover the broad spectrum of Radiological Physics/Dosimetry, Health/Radiation Physics, Radiation Biology, Medical Ethics/Radiation Safety, Computational skills, Digital Imaging, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine.

All basic medical physics principles are explained in relation to the clinical outcome in Radiology. Also the principles and applications of the equipment involved are demonstrated in our medical physics laboratory. At the end of each topic an examination is given to help the resident master the material. The residents are also given ACR in-service test, as well as the RAPHEX Physics examination. One hour long classes are provided twice a week for the first and second year residents. The collaborative hard work of the residents and faculty has resulted in a very high passing rate in the ABR examination (98-100%).











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