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Genitourinary Radiology

Genitourinary Radiology

In addition to two conferences each month specifically devoted to genitourinary radiology, residents receive considerable didactic material in genitourinary radiology during other conferences including those devoted to interventional radiology, pediatric radiology, ultrasound/CT/MR body imaging, and nuclear medicine. Genitourinary radiology material often is discussed in the Interesting Case Conference, as well as in several interdepartmental conferences with the Pathology, Surgical, Hematology-Oncology and OB-GYN departments.

The genitourinary radiology and gastrointestinal radiology clinical rotations are combined. During this rotation residents become proficient in selecting the appropriate examination and in supervising, performing, and reporting excretory urograms (IVPs), cystograms, nephrostograms, urethrograms, loopograms. During their rotations through the Winthrop Radiology Associates, P.C. outpatient office they learn about Hysterosalpingograms in addition to the aforementioned procedures.

During their pediatric, interventional radiology, ultrasound, CT/MR, and nuclear medicine rotations residents become proficient in performing and interpreting examinations and procedures related to the genitourinary tract. Winthrop-University Hospital has an unusually large pediatric urology patient population and also a very large dialysis program. Our department and residents have performed significant genitourinary clinical research, published several articles, and given presentations at major national and international radiology and uroradiology meetings.







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