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2010-2011 Departmental Highlights



New Physicians

The Department welcomed Dr. Michael Brooks this past year. Dr. Brooks is a fellowship trained (at the Harvard Medical School – Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA) musculoskeletal radiologist with expertise in musculoskeletal interventions. We also welcome Dr. Jana Andrews as an Attending in the Division of Radiation Oncology. Dr. Andrews completed her residency in radiation oncology at Emory University and her fellowship in genitourinary radiation oncology at the University of California in San Francisco.

More Hospital Based Procedure than years past
The Department continues to perform more hospital-based procedures than in previous years, and continues to extend after-hours coverage. For all weekends and holidays there is now both a general radiologist and a body imaging radiologist on duty within the hospital during working hours, and there is 24-7 on-call coverage from the radiology attendings and to a more limited extent by a teleradiology service (for interpretation of patients with suspected stroke, and for interpretation of emergency pelvic sonography). A radiologist is also on duty from 4 pm to 12 midnight, Monday through Fridays.

Chairman of Radiology
Dr. Orlando Ortiz received the Graduate Medical Education Committee’s approval to become the Radiology Residency Program Director.


Advanced MRI Application

Initiation of advanced MRI applications, cardiac MRI and functional MRI, breast MRI and biopsy

State-of-the-Art Breast Imaging Center
The Breast Imaging Center opened in March, 2010. Located on the 5th floor of the 120 Mineola Boulevard (Suite 550), it offers state-of-the-art digital mammography and sonography, as well as imaging-guided procedures, in a very comfortable and patient-friendly newly designed and MQSA certified facility.

Learn More about our Breast Imaging Center

24/7 Ultrasound Coverage
The Ultrasound Division continues its relatively recently instituted round-the-clock 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week in-house technologist coverage. Very few radiology departments in the Tri-state NYC metropolitan area, in an academic setting, provide this level of ultrasound coverage.

State-of-the-Art CT and MR Technology
In conjunction with the Cardiology Division of the Department of Internal Medicine, the Department has been collaborating in the performance and interpretation of cardiac CT and MR – in particular Dr. Rakesh A. Shah, Director of Thoracic Imaging - with Dr. Juan Gaztenaga. Dr. Gaztenaga, a graduate of the Cardiology Fellowship at Winthrop, completed an advanced imaging fellowship in cardiac imaging at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, and was appointed Director of Cardiac Imaging at Winthrop. Dr. Gaztenaga has been integrated into our clinical staff and into our resident teaching schedule. The cardiac imaging program has been boosted by our now state-of-the-art CT and MR technology.

Outpatient Office Hours of Operation
It should, yet again, be stressed that our main outpatient imaging facility at 120 Mineola Blvd., Lower Level (i.e., Winthrop Radiology Associates: phone number 516-663-4510) is open not only during all five weekdays until the early evening, but is also open every Saturday from 8 am until 1 pm (except for occasional Hospital designated holidays), offers the full complement of CT, MR, US, and plain film examinations, and accepts walk-in plain film examinations on those Saturdays.

New Construction
The construction of a new linear accelerator vault is in progress

New Digital Fluoroscopy Unit
A new digital fluoroscopy unit was installed on the 2nd floor of the Main Hospital to help provide additional capacity for fluoroscopic procedures (such as gastrointestinal and genitourinary tract studies and myelograms).

Nuclear Medicine Department
The nuclear medicine department had its two new cameras temporarily relocated in the hospital basement (near the cafeteria exit) in order to facilitate the Radiation Oncology construction project






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